When planning your wedding you want every detail to be perfect. You want the day to be memorable, romantic and be talked about by your guests for a long time afterwards.

One of the major factors is finding the right venue for your reception. It has to be large enough to seat all your guests and also fit a dance area so everyone can let their hair down.

Well, worry no more because our Kata tents are the perfect venue.

They can be joined together to comfortably seat up to 500 people and still leave room for a bar and dance floor.

Our Katas provide a uniquely elegant venue and provide luxurious furnishings, such as our hurricane lanterns for soft romantic lighting, and comfortable woven flooring.

For the perfect wedding, not only do you want a memorable venue but also a great setting for photos. Well, our Katas provide a gorgeous unique backdrop for every picture that will set your wedding album apart from those of receptions held in bland hotel function rooms or ordinary marquees.

Have a look at the photos of some of the picturesque events held in our Kata tents. And we’re sure you’ll agree that the Kata is a unique, romantic venue for hosting your wedding in elegant style.