Why hire a dreary town hall or bland hotel function room when you can host your party in our magnificent Kata tents, and give your guests a night they’ll remember and talk about for months after.

Whether you’re throwing a music festival in the park or a more intimate occasion in your back garden, Kata tents are a unique, great looking venue customisable for any event.

One Kata can comfortably host a dinner party or a rock band, whilst many can be joined together to host a massive bash with each section dedicated to a different function.

Planning a special theme for your party? Well, we have a range of furnishing packages to help match whatever you’ve got in mind, including:

  • A Viking style feast cooked by a chef on the giant muurikkas (like a shallow wok) with reindeer hides draped over the benches.
  • A glamorous dinner dance romantically lit by the glow of our hurricane lanterns.
  • A Hawaiian beach party with a woven matted dance floor and stage for a Beach Boys tribute band.

Whatever idea you’ve got in mind, we can assist you in sourcing the perfect furnishings and adornments to create a unique atmosphere that your guests won’t have experienced anywhere else.

And you won’t need to worry about rushing around to get the venue ready in time because we’ll have the tents set-up and kitted out long before your guests have even started getting ready.

We’ve helped create all sorts of parties in our magnificent Katas. So give us a ring to discuss your idea and we’ll draw up the perfect tent arrangement and list of furnishings.