Your Event

When planning a wedding, private party or corporate event, attention to detail is what can make the difference between a truly memorable event or just another function ticked off in the diary.

One of the key factors is finding the right venue. It’s always a challenge to find somewhere that’s unique, multifunctional and will impress your guests.

Well, search no more because our Kata tents can transform your occasion from the mediocre to the magnificent. Few of your guests will have experienced an event hosted in a fabric palace created from Kata tents inspired by those of the reindeer herders of Lapland.

Our Katas are guaranteed to make a big impression on every guest because of their bold, eye-catching shape and the meticulous attention to detail in their furnishings.

All sorts of themes and atmospheres can be created using features such as a Viking feast cooked on giant muurikkas pans, romantic lighting from our high quality hurricane lanterns, and reindeer skins draped over the benches. Not to mention the option of a bar, woven dance floor and a roaring fire at the heart of your party.

We’ve helped organise events using our magnificent Katas all over the country. So you can be assured that our passion and expertise will be used to make your wedding, private party or corporate event to be as memorable as you’d hoped.

For throwing a special event that people will talk about for months afterwards, don’t hire a marquee. Hire a Kata tent.