Kata Tents

The design of our tipi style Katas are based on the tents used by the reindeer herding Sami people of Lapland. They’ve been road tested in the harsh winters of Scandinavia, so whilst they’re cool in summer, they’re also cosy in winter.

Our Kata tents are also extremely flexible in how they can be arranged, whether individually or combined together to create a canvas palace. We also supply smaller Kungsornen tents which can be attached on the side, and are perfect for catering, providing a chill out area or for a bar.

It’s the flexibility of Katas that makes them so versatile for all manner of events, such as a romantic wedding, making a big impression at a corporate event, or hosting a music festival in your local park.

But we don’t just supply the tents. What really makes Katas special are the interior furnishings and decorations that can be added.

Imagine a Viking banquet sitting on reindeer hides, an elegant dinner dance lit by the warm glow of our unique hurricane lanterns or a Hawaiian beach party with a woven dance floor and live Beach Boys tribute band.

When we first saw Katas and how versatile they were we knew they were the perfect venue for hosting all manner of events, and we simply had to share them.

So, just pick up the phone to discuss your requirements and we’ll be able to advise you on why out Kata tents are the perfect venue for you.