Looking for a unique venue for that special occasion?

Want something different and spectacular that will be talked about for months afterwards?

Well, we’ve got the perfect venue for you: whether it’s a wedding, corporate function or a glamorous party, our tipi style Kata tents offer the luxury of a hotel under a canvas roof.

The design takes inspiration from the tents used by the reindeer herders of Lapland. Road tested in the winters of Scandinavia, our Katas offer a multifunctional venue that can host up to 500 people and be furnished to reflect any theme.

Our Kata tents aren’t your average hum drum marquee, but a venue that can be set up to resemble a Tipi or a giant witch’s hat. With our selection of furniture and decorative adornments, the Kata’s interior can be customised for any event, such as a Viking feast, garden beach party or new product launch.

Have a look around for inspiration for the sort of event you could be hosting. Then give us a call because we love talking about our Katas and helping to organise a unique occasion that you and your guests will remember for years afterwards.